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As you can see from our vision, our Sunday meetings are vital to our life as a church, especially reading and learning together from God's Word, the Bible. As we've grown as a church we've realised more and more how crucial our small groups are in building on what happens on Sunday. To mature as Christians, we all need to connect and we all need to belong.

When you arrive at NRPC, you'll be treated as a unique person. We'll be keen to hear your story and to help you find a place to belong. If for you that means finding out more about what it means to connect with God, we'd be keen to explore that with you. If you've already connected with God and are looking to mature in that relationship, then one of our small groups is the place for you.

These small groups meet during the week at various times and locations and give greater opportunities than our Sunday meetings to deepen relationships with others and grow in our understanding and application of God's Word. There are a variety of small groups which meet at various times and locations. Small groups are also encouraged to organise social events throughout the year.