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    • Engaging with AtheistsEngaging with Atheists (21) Christians have the answers for Atheists. A team of atheists is touring Australia for the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne this weekend. They have received lots of publicity, which gives Christians a great opportunity to talk to their atheist friends. Bible Society Australia has produced a special edition of Eternity newspaper with contributions from some of our best christian communicators, including Dr Greg Clarke, Tim Costello and Michael Jensen. They give lots of great talking points, to give you confidence in discussing Jesus with unbelievers. We have now put them online so that everyone can see them.
    • Make a stand for Biblical MarriageMake a stand for Biblical Marriage (15) This link will take you to an online survey where you can quickly and easily 'make a stand' and have your beliefs heard by our politicians who are deciding (on our behalf) if they should change the laws of our country to legalise same-sex marriage. Closing date for submissions is 20th April.
    • WINGS Conference - TalksWINGS Conference - Talks (35) If you would like to download or listen online to the talks from the WINGS Conference held at Coffs Harbour in March 2012, click here.
    • The Presbyterian Church in NSWThe Presbyterian Church in NSW (107) Check out everything you ever wanted to know about our denomination.
    • Bible GatewayBible Gateway (64) A searchable online Bible in over 50 versions and 35 languages.
    • ChristianityChristianity (72) Christianity is rational. Your questions about Christianity answered. What Christianity has to say about popular culture, politics, and pool-ponies.
    • Two Ways to LiveTwo Ways to Live (81) A simple explanation of the Christian faith.
    • Nambucca Valley Christian Community SchoolNambucca Valley Christian Community School (435) Check out everything you need to know about our school.
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